Ten+ Stunning Rustic French Country Chandeliers

SSLooking for a gorgeous, rustic French country chandelier, at a reasonable price? We’ve found ten of the most stunning ones out there!

For many years, I wanted an antique crystal chandelier in either my dining room and/or entry way.

I shopped flea markets and antiques stores, and even Ebay and 1st Dibs, and I kept coming up short. It was hard to find the right size, and of course, the right price! And then, naturally, life would get busy and I’d stop looking. (I never understand people who are such fast decorators! This is definitely not me!) As a result, many years went by with no decent chandelier in either space.

And even though I had seen wood-style French country chandeliers, and I liked them, I had never thought about them for either of these spaces. I was thinking iron and crystal. Traditional. Bling.

Because I had wanted an antique crystal chandelier for so long, I just didn’t consider any other look. But…. then I kept seeing them and I started to re-think my plan….

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stunning huge French farmhouse country chandelier in living room Does it get more gorgeous than this one?! Via Luxe Interiors & Design.


French farmhouse chandelier over dining table Via Ohara Davies-Gaetano Interiors.


French country rustic wood chandelier in entry way

See the rest of this home here.

Some of the ones I fell in love with originally were authentic French antiques and obviously, quite out of my price range! And when I looked, even many of the reproductions were well over $2000.

But then I lucked upon the one I added to the dining room. It had a good look, and it was a great price! So I bought it for the dining room, still thinking I’d eventually replace it, lol! But now I love it. So much so, that now I want a similar look in some of my other spaces.

This particular look, a wooden, rustic, French country chandelier just really speaks to how I want my house to look now. Crystal chandeliers are gorgeous – and I do still love them! But I’m enjoying the slightly more casual look this gives the room.

It feels more true French farmhouse than the crystal ones ,which is definitely more the style I’m going for. And it feels dressed up, without being too dressy. 😉

french country chandelier white gorgeous dining room slipcovered chairs artwork

So once I fell in love with this one, I started looking for a similar look for both the breakfast room and the entry way. And if you read my breakfast room reveal post, then you know I already have a rustic French country chandelier in there!


french country chandelier breakfast room farmhouse table chairs gorgeous

I have to say, that along with the new table and chairs, this French country chandelier has completely changed the space!

The funny thing is, when I bought the dining room chandelier about four years ago, there weren’t actually that many around. And those I did find were quite expensive.

But now I’ve found so many pretty options – at really reasonable prices!

 Rustic French Country Chandeliers graphic Maison de Cinq

  1.  Distressed wood French country chandelier 
  2.  Mowgli 8-light French country chandelier 
  3.  Farmhouse style distressed wood chandelier 
  4.  Lebow 5-light candle French country chandelier
  5.  Rustic 6-light distressed chandelier 
  6.  Salento distressed white 6-light chandelier 
  7.  Kelly Clarkson Home 6-light chandelier
  8.  Laluz French Country 6-light chandelier
  9.  Venice chandelier
  10.  Paladino 6-light chandelier

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more fabulous finds here!



Stunning Rustic French Country Chandeliers graphic on Maison de Cinq


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  1. How do I incorporate the French country decor or look in my home with great owl walls white trim black samp black faucet? We’re even making our own island which would be like almost butcher block style with a hint of redness trying to bring in that French country style and have no idea how to achieve that with what we have. Mistaken a black chandelier to go with everything but no I don’t know. Help!

  2. Sisko Naerhi says:

    Just beautiful, simple. I love it !!

  3. Hildegard Krinke says:

    I love your home; the warmth and simplicity. xo

  4. I am heartened to hear there are others out there who are slow decorators! I like a room to look like it evolved over time and it is very hard to achieve that look when too many decisions are made too quickly, or all at the same time. Thanks for the affirmation!

    1. Haha well I’m your lady on that! All kidding aside, I agree! I’m sometimes frustrated because I can be too slow, but I’d rather that then err on the side of rushing and then needing to re-do or be unhappy!

      Thanks for stopping by Joan!


  5. Where did you get the chandelier over your dining room table and was it expensive?

  6. Good Morning Shelia! I’m new to Maison De Cinq,Cindy, what I’m seeing and reading. looking forward to more ,more more. My question is your entryway chandler, is the link in the list? I’ve been looking forever…loving yours.

    best Ro

  7. Amber Yoe says:

    Sheila how do I see the prices of the ten chandeliers??

    1. You need to click on the link to be taken to the product listing!

      Hope that helps!

  8. I purchased the Salento and gussied it up a bit. I rubbed some gold bubbling on the arms and highlighted a few raised areas too. Very sparingly. Since this fixture was so chippy I touched it up with some chalk paint I had. I added a bit of the ceiling color which is blue in a few spots. It’s now wonderful! Love your posts and can’t waist to see more!

    1. Oh I’m so glad to hear that! That’s such a gorgeous one.

      Thanks for sharing that Karen, and I hope you enjoy it!


  9. Hello Sheila, I love the country french chandelier in your breakfast area, everything looks so beautiful together! I read the other post about the bead color but I’m wondering, how is the quality of the light fixture? I’ve looked at some Aidan Gray country french chandelier’s but not sure I want to spend that much.

    Thank you so much for your input.

    1. The quality is gorgeous! I love it and it looks very much like an Aidan Gray fixture but was about half the price. I think my exact fixture is sold out right now, but you can get on a list to be notified if it comes back in. I also love the Wisteria one! (https://rstyle.me/+eRRDlZeM_JOjBP2jAdw8dA) and they have sales all the time so keep an eye out!

      Hope that helps!


  10. Angela Abercrombie says:

    May I ask the color of your walls??

    1. Hi Angela! I’m not sure which room you mean but the formal dining room is Shaker Beige and the breakfast dining area (kitchen table) is Muslin, both are from Benjamin Moore.

      Hope that helps!


  11. Sheila, I am looking for a French country chandelier supplier in Australia but have never had any luck. As a matter of fact it is hard to find anything French here other than antiques. You are all so lucky in the US that you can source such wonderful French decor.
    Vicki (Perth WA)

    1. Oh gosh, I feel your pain though! There is a lot in the U.S. but not in California, where I am. Sadly, it is concentrated in the east and the south, so I rarely find it here! Which is why I need to rely on online sources!! Hope you’re able to find a chandelier – or that one of the U.S. companies can ship to you!


  12. Mary Topping says:

    Is your chandelier in the breakfast room with the beads the Enrica chandelier, from Terracotta designs? I followed the link and it looks very similar, except for the bead color. I love how soft the coloring is, on the one you have photographed, but the one that this links to has very dark bronze colored beads.
    Thank you for the post, I have been obsessing over a french country chandelier for a few years, but have yet to find the perfect one. Your post is very helpful!

    1. Hi Mary thanks so much for stopping by! As for the chandelier, yes, the one I’ve linked to is the exact chandelier that is in my breakfast area. In the photograph on Houzz where it’s selling the beads look MUCH darker than they really are. My photo is pretty accurate to their actual color. Hope that helps!!


  13. I’m a slow decorator too. I don’t have an endless budget so that makes a difference but I also waffle a lot. In the end I think my rooms come together nicely. The only mistake I made when decorating this home was my dining room chandelier. I loved it when I first saw it but after a few months the love affair waned. The bulbs seems to put off a glare. It’s on a dimmer and we raised it a touch to try to rectify the problem. After spending that much on a fixture I just can’t justify replacing it. But, only one mistake in a whole house is not a bad average. 😉
    I love your chandeliers and agree a crystal one would not have the same feeling in your rooms.

    1. Slow decorators unite!! I’m very much like you. Some of it is money, but more is really me wanting to make the right decision as I dread those awful regrets! Sounds like you did very well – I agree one mistake is great (way better than I’ve done believe me!)

      Thank you so much for stopping by the blog and for taking the time to comment!


  14. Debra Quintana says:

    Traveling to Paris,France next summer! Your gorgeous decor is making it even more exciting! Thank u

    1. Aww, that is so sweet – thank you so much!! And lucky you, you will have an amazing time in an amazing city!


  15. Love this post and pinned the image with the two sofas facing each other as I just ordered two sofas for my future home to create the same look. Have a great day Sheila!

    1. Oh I love that look Shirley! Can’t wait to see it in your new home!

      Thanks for stopping by sweet friend:)