Vintage Baskets and Charming Ways to Display Them

Today’s post is all about vintage baskets! I have always been a fan of baskets. In fact, when I was in 7th grade I was allowed to “decorate” my room all by myself for the first time, and I chose to hang different sized baskets on the wall over my bed. I don’t quite know where I got the idea, but I do remember loving it! I still love baskets, though now I try to buy vintage baskets whenever I can. There is something so charming about them! They have age and patina that the new ones don’t. And the ones with writing, or buckles or straps? Be still my heart!

And what better way to add texture to a space than with baskets? They are not only stylish, but functional, too. And they can be used in a myriad of ways. To corral small items on a table, to hold blankets or pillows, to decorate shelves, or house collections. And of course, they can be used for their intended purpose as well, and that is to store things. I’ve come to love the fact that baskets add style while also taking away mess and clutter. I mean, it’s a definite win-win for me!


vintage basket in French farmhouse kitchen charming decor ideas

This little charmer I picked up for next to nothing at a flea market, and I used it so many ways! It’s held fruit in the kitchen (here in my fall tour), as well as a plant in the builtins, and ornaments at the holidays.


vintage baskets console table urn gorgeous entry way decorLove this gorgeous entry table with those vintage baskets underneath! By Brooke Giannetti.


vintage baskets hung on wall farmhouse style bench beautiful decorThis might be the most charming photo of a basket I’ve ever seen! I’m pretty sure my 7th grade self would approve! Design by Leah Bailey.


vintage baskets entry way charming french decor trumeau mirror console table

Two of my vintage baskets under the console table in my entryway. I love that the casual and distressed quality of the baskets makes the Trumeau mirror a little less dressy.


vintage market baskets on china cabinet farmhouse style charmingBy Heather Bullard.



vintage baskets charming display vignette roses french style

I love this small vintage basket with the little leather straps. Here I’ve used it in the living room, but now most of the time it lives in the family room and holds all the (million!) remotes we have.


vintage baskets character chippy cabinet french swedish style

Love this basket! Any old one with writing on it gets me every time! By Brooke Giannetti.


vintage baskets peonies farmhouse dining room stunning decor frenchSo pretty! Love a basket used as a vase. By Vibeke Design blog.


VINTAGE BASKETS how to style christmas decor presents hearth

Last Christmas I used this handled vintage basket to hold some gifts on the hearth. I love the color and shape of this one!


vintage baskets plant in basket farmhouse style neutral decorI just adore a plant in a basket! This one probably isn’t vintage, but it’s great anyway. Via Country Living.


charming vintage baskets stacked French farmhouse style decor

And then this stack sits in the family room. I often put a vintage bread board on top to form a little table. Here it holds a little tabletop Christmas tree but you could put any accessories on top, or use it as a side table for drinks and such.


vintage baskets in built ins decorating ideas French farmhouse

The two in the middle upper cabinets of our builtins are a new find. I’ve had some Home Goods ones there for quite some time but I always wanted real vintage ones and was thrilled to find these similar but not quite matching options!

And on that note, if you can’t find what you want in vintage baskets, then I say buy the reproduction or one that at least attempts to look old. Baskets, whether they are authentically antique or simply copies, are still a wonderful addition to any space. And many of the big chains like Pottery Barn do really lovely baskets that can pass for vintage and still add lots of texture and character to the room. And, if you really want to speed up the process, you can always leave them outside for awhile and they’ll look “vintage” in no time!


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Happy Friday!





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  1. Such a great post. I’m a huge fan of vintage baskets as well. They are so charming.

  2. Gina (Texas) says:

    I rarely leave comments. However, I must tell you I love your blog! I’m a subscriber and look forward to reading your blogs. Love your design taste. You are an inspiration and you’re so informative. Thanks!

    1. Aww that is so kind! Thanks Gina for making my day!


  3. Great piece! Every time you show the wooden square coffee table with turned legs, I wonder where you sourced it. Could you share any info on it. Thanks

    1. Hi Sue and thank you! It was from Wisteria and sadly, they are out of business. I do have a couple similar options linked here:

      And the good news is Wisteria is coming back later this spring so I’m hoping this will return too as I know it was a popular item. If so, I’ll definitely add it to the posts and have it linked in the Shop section!


  4. I too love the patina of a vintage basket. Displaying flowers in them brings such added charm. I especially love the ones with lids too and have my eye out at a local vintage shop for a large one in my entry. No success yet but, thanks for the etsy tip! My question is have you found a good way to clean/ disinfect a vintage basket especially to display food?
    My sweet husband doesn’t always understand the basket love. I have to pick my baskets wisely. 😉

    1. I’m so glad you love them as much as I do! And as far as cleaning, I don’t usually serve food directly from any of mine, but when I have cleaned them I’ve used mild soap and water (I don’t soak them too much) and let them dry in the sun. Often times the old ones are quite dusty and that works to get all of that off!

      Hope that helps!

  5. Excellent post! Such an interesting and affordable way to add some character/texture to a room. Good suggestions on how to display and use the baskets . Once again,thank you!

    1. That’s so kind of you Carolina – thanks so much! And thanks for stopping by!


  6. Love them and you do such a good job of displaying them

  7. I totally enjoyed your post! I’m also a basket lover, some vintage, some hand-crafted and a collections of sweetgrass baskets from the low country. I do my best to use them all,. Do you have any online sources for vintage baskets?

    1. Hi Janet! I did link some in the post but they sell quickly. I usually find Etsy to be the most reliable online source of baskets if you want vintage. Though I love Ebay, they don’t seem to carry nearly the same amount. I’ve found some great ones on Etsy though. Take a look here and see if you find any:

      (and of course, flea markets are a great source, too!)