Vintage Olive Buckets – Versatile and Charming!

Those of you who know me know I love antiquing. And one of the things I found a couple of years ago that is a definite favorite is my vintage olive bucket. If you’re not familiar with them, they are old metal buckets that were used for gathering olives during the harvest, primarily in Italy and France, though they were used all over Europe.

I’ve seen them used for so many different things, and in so many different ways. I love their versatility and utilitarian charm. They’re great for flowers or plants, but also for seasonal decor which is the way I’ve used them the most.


vintage olive bucket with mums and pumpkins fall porch decor

I’ve used mine in the fall on the porch quite a few times. Here I filled it with some seasonal mums and I love the way the color pops against the metal!



vintage olive basket bucket with flowers
One of my favorite sources for antiques is Atelier de Campagne. I love how they filled this one with some pretty flowers, which I’m thinking of doing for spring.


vintage olive basket with wood and greens christmas decor
Used here to hold firewood and some greens, it makes an adorable addition to Christmas decor. Via Tidbits & Twine.


vintage-olive-bucket-christmas-decorThis one holding a Christmas tree is absolutely adorable! Via Eclectically Vintage.


vintage-olive-bucket french farmhouse charming decor Love this with a plant inside! Via Atelier de Campagne.


The true vintage olive buckets almost always have some rust, usually the handles, but sometimes more, which I actually love. The contrast of the rusty edges with the still-metal color of the rest of the bucket just makes my heart sing!


vintage olive bucket with greens pine cones and brass bells gorgeous holiday christmas decor

Last year I filled mine with greens, pine cones and brass bells and used it on the porch. I tied some blush ribbon to the handles to add a little color.


charming olive baskets with Christmas trees holiday porch decor

Soo adorable on a porch with twin Christmas trees! Definitely need to think about getting a second one now! Via On Sutton Place.


I think they are just so cool. They would also be great for magazines in the family room, towels in a bathroom, or even by the pool! I’ve even used mine in the backyard to hold all of Hudson’s toys 😉


gorgeous flowers in vintage olive bucket pretty white kitchenThis prettiness is from my friend at Willow Street Interiors. Love the hydrangeas in it!!



Heaven via Dreamy Whites.


Here in California they are easy to find at flea markets and antique stores. I’ve even seen true vintage ones at both Pottery Barn and Home Goods, believe it or not. And nowadays, there are also lots of reproductions, which is totally fine! Just make sure they are labeled as such. 

There are also vintage ones available at retailers like Pottery Barn, believe it or not! Etsy and Ebay are also great sources for them, though you do need to add shipping costs. I’m actually looking to find another to use in the office to hold magazines so looks like I’ll be doing a little shopping this weekend!


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decorating with vintage olive baskets buckets decorating ideas


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  1. Clara Verosky says:

    I have an old and very expensive French grape harvester (not olive) I purchased over thirty years ago at an upscale Western CT French country antique shop.
    It is gray metal and quite large. The back is flat because it was placed on farmworkers’ backs. I hung it on the wall and filled it with dried hydrangeas and wheat, etc.
    It was an unusual and beautiful edition to my family room.

    1. I’ve seen these Clara and they’re gorgeous – what a great find! I bet it looks gorgeous!


  2. I bought one that has green handles. Do you think it was made that way or did someone paint it ? I noticed none of the ones I’ve seen on your website have them.

    1. I’m can’t be sure without seeing it, but it would seem that someone painted it at some point. As you mentioned, they are usually just metal without any color.

  3. I think I may have picked up three here in Alaska. But they are shorter and wider. Wondering if they truly are olive buckets. They have no stamps on them, would you be able to tell me ??

    1. Hi Tessa!
      They aren’t typically stamped so sometimes it’s hard to tell if they are authentic. However, I usually look at the aging and wear. The real ones the wear is more realistic and not as “fake” as the aging on the reproductions. Also if you bought them at a flea market, antique store or thrift store they are most likely real. Or if you know anyone who knows antiques, you could ask them what they think.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I love these too, and have always wanted one. I’ll keep my eyes out locally or search Etsy.
    Thanks for the links!

    1. They’re so great aren’t they? So glad you love them too!


  5. I have two I purchased at a local junk bonanza. But who knows if their authentic! Paid 50$ ea.!!!

    1. Well, that’s a pretty great price so I say if you love them, it doesn’t matter!

      Thanks for stopping by:)