Winter Decor Ideas: Easy Ways to Banish the Winter Blues

When I shared my post last week about cozying up around the fire during the winter, I got a few people emailing me and asking about some of the details in the living room! So since you all were interested in my winter living room, I thought I’d talk winter decor ideas and what I do to banish the winter blues (decor-wise that is!)

There’s no doubt that the long dreary winter days can get the best of us. It’s not summer. And it’s no longer the holidays either, with their bright colors and pretty white lights. It can seem like a very barren time when it comes to decorating. But I must confess, I actually like this time of year.

I love Christmas and all that goes with it. But by the end of the nearly two months I’ve had my decorations out, I’m really ready for a change. And the new year always makes me want to clean, purge and organize so I’m kind of dying for a clean slate decor-wise. After the glitz and glitter (literally!) of the holidays, I really lean toward a cleaner, more pared-down look. But I’m not talking cold and bare. There are some subtle touches that I think work perfectly for warming up your home this time of year!


Winter Decor Ideas 


Bring in some light

Whether that’s touches of silver (a favorite of mine) or actual white lights, it’s nice to have a little bit of shimmer this time of year. 

winter decor ideas lights in vase pine cones and silver ornaments

On the coffee table I have touches of both! Silver mercury glass bowls hold some leftover silver Christmas ornaments, and I’ve added some tiny white lights to the glass vase. I love the pretty light they bring to the room!

And when I keep out ornaments, I’m careful not to keep out any that are too Christmas-y. The ones in this bowl are silver acorns and pinecones ~ perfect for making a winter statement without it feeling like it’s still the holidays.


Bring in nature

Whether it’s plants or pinecones, I love to bring in nature this time of year. It brings some life to your rooms before the blooms of spring come. 

pinecones under glass dome and French finial urn

I have some iced pinecones on the mantel, as well as in the vase on the coffee table. I love how these look this time of year. And frankly, I think they can last all the way through February!


winter flowers paper whites in silver bowl decorating ideas after christmas

The paper whites that I had out for Christmas are still here! I love white flowers of any kind in winter, but paperwhites are particularly appropriate since this is their season. These are faux, but whether you force your own or buy some, they bring a definite winter feel to the room.



Bring in cozy elements

Light a fire, of course 😉 But also, bring in anything else that ups the cozy-factor! Whether that’s sweater-knit pillows, faux fur blankets, or wool plaid throws, they all add that welcoming feeling we long for in winter. And they go a long way toward making a room feel warmer and more homey.

cozy faux fur blanket and sweater pillow cozy winter decorating

Sweater-knit pillows and a cozy faux fur throw add a comfortable feeling to the sofa. Perfect for cozying up to that fire!


Bring in branches

This is probably my favorite way to bring some winter into my rooms. You can easily find branches in your yard, the park, or even on the ground. And they’re free!

winter decor ideas branches in vase with silver ornaments on mantel

I snipped these when I was on a hike a couple of weeks ago. I love that they are white! I actually was going to clip some branches and spray paint them white, but then I found these.  😉


winter branches in vase decorating after christmas

Another favorite winter decor idea is to hang an ornament from your branches. I like to pick a silver one – again a pine cone or something that doesn’t seem too holiday-ish. Hanging it from the branches is such a great statement and it lasts the whole season!





Bring in Lanterns & Candles

Again, the idea of light and warmth, and the glow that it brings is key to making your home feel more cozy.

I kept the lanterns I brought out for Christmas on the hearth – I really like them there! And the pine cones I added inside them at Christmas still work, so those are there for now as well.

I’m still burning my favorite pine scented candles, but if those are too Christmas-y for you, I’ve listed a few favorites that are evocative of winter without smelling like a pine forest. (The espresso one is so warm and yummy!)


In a couple of weeks I’ll probably slowly move out of the winter decor and think about adding a little pink for Valentine’s Day, or maybe even some early spring decor. But for now, I’m loving the clean, spare look!


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  1. These are beautiful ideas and your home is stunning! I love your touches of silver and white throughout your room. Our home seems bleak when we put away the Christmas decorations, so I am definitely trying some of your ideas! Thank you!!

    1. Oh I love hearing that! Thank you Jeanne – so glad it gave you some inspiration!


  2. Thank you for this post. It was really lovely!

    1. Aww you’re so welcome! Thanks for stopping by!