Winter Decor: 9 Tips for Bringing the Cozy Back into Your Home

Wondering how to decorate during these dreary winter months? We’re sharing 9 easy winter decor tips that will have your home feeling cozy again! 

winter decor in white French farmhouse kitchen flowers and pine branches in pitchers

I don’t know about you, but once the holidays are over I’m anxious to take down all the decorations and clean up! As much as I love Christmas, the busyness can feel like too much once January is here. I’m usually ready for a fresh start, and craving clean and simple decor. 

But, it can also feel so bare! After all, nothing warms a room up like a Christmas tree so I find that once it’s gone, everything feels a little cold and empty. Add to that the colder weather and shorter days with less light, and it can feel like the house needs a real pick-me-up! And that’s where today’s post comes in!

I’m sharing nine tips for adding winter decor that will bring some coziness and warmth back into your home. And because these aren’t holiday specific, these winter decor ideas can hang around until the weather starts to warm up again!

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1. Add Cozy Pillows and Throws 

winter decorating cozy throw and pillows on sofa with pine branches in pitcher and candles on table

There’s nothing like a cozy throw to add much needed warmth to a space. Here I added a faux fur throw, but any chunky knit or even wool can fill the bill.


gorgeous french farmhouse living family room vintage lantern, sofa with pillows, builtins

Swap out some of your lighter or floral pillows for solids in textured knits or warm velvets  – they create a different feel in the space!


2. Add Natural Elements 

pine cones under cloche on counter demijohn with branches winter decor in kitchen

Natural elements like pinecones reflect the season without feeling too ‘Christmas-y.’ In fact, they’re probably the most perfect winter decor out there!



3. Add Textural Elements

wood bread boards and wicker bottle on counter in white French farmhouse kitchen

Texture is always important to a space, but even more so during the dreary winter months. By adding wood elements, woven or wicker baskets, or thicker rugs it makes a space warmer and more inviting.



winter decor idea plant in basket on table in white farmhouse kitchen



4. Use Branches as Decor

branches in glass vase on mantel winter decorating ideas

Here I used some nearly-bare branches I found in the yard, but faux branches work equally well. 



5. Bring in Candles 

winter decorating with pine cones and candle in hurricane

Whether you add pillar candles or tapers, they all add brightness that only a flame can bring. I also like to add winter-scented candles to every room.

And while you’re at it, light the fire! We light our gas fireplace frequently in the winter and it’s amazing how much warmth it brings to the room – literally and figuratively.


6. Swap out your Artwork 

winter artwork prints gallery

This isn’t something I’ve done yet, but I think it’s such a great idea! Etsy and Amazon have so many options for wintery prints, it makes it easy to change out artwork that might seem too summery, like beach scenes or florals. With Etsy there are tons of very inexpensive options to download and print yourself. You can then simply place them over some of your other prints, and then swap them out when summer comes again.

Or get a whole collection like above and display them in several rooms to add some wintery charm!



7. Leave Out Some Seasonal Greenery

white flowers, mini pine tree winter decorating ideas

I never keep out anything too Christmas-y, like snowmen, Santas, or anything red. But you can leave out any simple greenery or small pine trees. I also like to add pine and winter greenery to any of my flower arrangements throughout January.


8. Bring in Warmer/Cozier Bedding

winter bedding sweater pillows and comforter

When winterizing your bedroom, don’t think in terms of ‘themed’ sheets or comforters. Warm things up by incorporating various textures into your bedding. Start by changing out your regular sheets for flannel sheets (these are my fave!) – they are truly amazing at keeping in the warmth!

Add thick, wintery blankets with lots of texture and sweater knit pillows or shams. Then add a chunky knit or faux fur throw at the end of the bed for an extra inviting touch.


9. Add Greenery with Plants or Flowers

paperwhites in silver bowl winter decorating

Greenery like plants or flowers are essential for bringing a feeling a freshness to the bare winter months. Here I kept out paperwhites from Christmastime (perfect for January and February). 


white hydrangeas in pitcher with wicker demijohn winter decorating in white French farmhouse kitchen

Or use fresh or faux flowers. White flowers are especially nice during winter, but any flowers or flowering plant will bring some much needed life to your space.


More winter decor ideas:

• Display wood beads in a bowl
• Add a potted tree or lanterns to the porch
• Burn winter scented candles (I love this one and this one) – and wood-inspired scents are also popular
• Display a bowl of winter fruit such as pomegranates or pears on the kitchen counter
• Add a winter wreath to the front door
• Frame photos of past winter trips or events
• Throw a sheepskin rug on the floor
• Add fairy lights to vases, bowls, or anywhere you want to bring some light
• Bring in metallics for some much-needed bling (silvery elements reflect light)
• Gather different sized pillar candles on a pretty silver tray
• Add a cute wintery doormat to the porch
• Decorate with birch logs by your fireplace
• Pile pinecones in a large wood bowl 
• Buy (or continue to use) your pine-scented soaps 
• Make a coffee or hot cocoa station
• Add a mirror over the mantel to reflect more light
• Fill a glass hurricane with pinecones and faux pine
• And don’t forget to de-clutter!


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Happy Winter!


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  1. Where can I find your stunning coffee table?

    1. Hi Taylor my coffee table was from Wisteria before they went out of business. Not sure if it’s around anymore (there is a new Wisteria but different owners and styles). I’ve been searching for similar versions to link for you all but not a lot of luck so far!

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  2. I need some new throw pillows (or covers)! Looking for some inspiration.

  3. Mildred Hoppe says:

    Idea 5, pedestal hurricane, the small silver pinecones. Do you have a source for those?

  4. Blanca Schmidlin says:

    Absolutely stunning simplicity. A very subtle elegance where you don’t attribute it to one single object, but the balance of a well balance decor. Great tips.

    1. Oh my gosh, what an incredibly kind comment! Thanks so much Blanca!!


  5. So many great tips…. Thanks

  6. Laurie Orlando says:

    Love these ideas! Where did you get your mercury glass bowls and fillers?