Yankee Candle and the New Farmers Market Collection

As I’m sure a lot of you know, I’m a candle lover! Candles are something I adore, and I almost always have one burning in the house. I love how they can warm up a space just with their scent. They can convey a feeling, a mood, or even a season. Truthfully, I can never have too many!

And today I’m excited to share the new Yankee Candle Farmers Market Collection! This is their new line for fall, and boy, is it scrumptious! Yankee Candle has long been a favorite of mine, and the fragrances in this new line are no exception. The line consists of six new fragrances: Farmstand Festival, Dried Lavender & Oak, Golden Chestnut, Ciderhouse, Persimmon & Brown Sugar and Sweet Maple Chai. I mean, even the names have me excited for fall! 

One of my favorites of the new line is Ciderhouse. It’s predominantly honey and apple, but it also has notes of cinnamon, nutmeg and other warm spices. Right up my alley! 😉

yankee candle farmers market collection ciderhouse fragrance gorgeous vignette flowers candle apples

I was inspired to use it in a little tablescape on the dining table. Kind of a late summer/early fall vignette. 


Another favorite? This amazing Dried Lavender & Oak fragrance!!

yankee candle farmers market collection lavender and oak fragrance purple and white flowers candle kitchen vignette

 It is soo delicious!! Lavender is a favorite scent of mine and always has been, and this one is warm with lavender, and hints of florals and vanilla. 


yankee candle farmstand fresh fragrance kitchen vignette candle flowers copper pitcher

I often use candles in vignettes around the house, which makes it easy to light different ones in different rooms. This last selection is the Farmstand Festival fragrance. I love the fall scents of mulled fruits and berries, with a touch of wood. And the color is so pretty for fall!



And did you know that this week is National Farmers Market Week? The perfect time to pick up one of these yummy scents to bring a feeling of fall into your home! Fall is probably my favorite season for fragrances, and I seem to buy (and burn) more candles then that at any other time. Something about these warm and cozy fall scents just speaks to me!

yankee candle farmers market collection fall candle fragrances


I can’t wait to try some of the other fragrances in the new Yankee Candle Farmers Market Collection!

You can find Yankee Candles on their website, and all the yummy scents in their new collection here.




*This post was sponsored by Yankee Candle, but all opinions and my love for their products are my own*


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