Neutral Decor with a Touch of Color: The Perfect Combination

I was finding this week to be a rough one. One of those where I’m not sure why, but everyone seems out of sorts. The kids are bickering, my work is behind, the chores are piling up,  and the house is a mess (I guess that’s why!)

Anyway, I’m trying to focus on the positive today so I put some of my favorite flowers in a pretty pitcher, poured myself a glass of iced coffee, and starting looking for design inspiration, both for myself and for a house I’m working on for a client. And just looking at these inspiring spaces made me happier! 🙂

And since I’ve never shared my love for neutral rooms, I thought I would do just that. I’ve seen some truly beautiful pale colored rooms, but when I say they’re pale, literally – everything in the entire room is white or off-white! I do love an all white, or creamy neutral room, but I think it’s best with at least some color added. If the room only has white on white on white, it starts to look like a polar bear in winter! It doesn’t need a lot of color, just a touch. But that touch, whether in pillows, art, or accessories, makes such a difference. And definitely texture! Texture is even more essential in neutral rooms to bring interest to the space. The texture actually acts like color because it brings depth to an otherwise neutral room.

The neutral rooms I’m sharing achieved that balance perfectly. The touch of color makes them so much more than they were before! These are the ones that really inspire me and make my heart skip a beat….


neutral rooms touch of grey antique secretary wall hanging wood beams and floors french country stylePerfection! Neutral, but with texture from the layered rugs and the chippy antiques. Color comes from the fabulous antique secretary and the wall hanging. Design by Brooke Giannetti via Giannetti Home.


neutral rooms gorgeous entry way white chair console blue lampI love that the chunky lamp is the only color in the space! But wouldn’t it be so much different if that lamp were white?! It would definitely not be as striking. Via Minnie Peters, one of my absolute favorite designers.


neutral rooms touch of color greens and lavender gorgeous french country roomThough this room has severals soft shades of green and lavender, it doesn’t feel like anything other than a neutral room. Done perfectly via Pam Pierce.


neutral rooms white sofa mora clock pretty landscape paintingI love this corner in this pretty room. The painting adds all the color you need! Just imagine how differently this room would look with a painting that “matched” all the neutrals. It would melt away and you wouldn’t get the pop you do from this landscape. Via Miss Mustard Seed.


neutral rooms touch of color green pillows stunning living room gold mirrorThe pillows add the only color here, but it looks amazing! Via Sarah Richardson Design.


neutral rooms touch of blue spare gorgeous french country dining room


neutral rooms living room french country style stunning chandelier trumeau mirror hydrangeasThis room is such a great mix! The trumeau mirror adds a soft green as do the patterned chairs, but the zebra rug really adds some punch! Design by Mia James via Southern Living.


neutral rooms soft grey blue curtains and patterned linen chairs roses in french potWith neutral white walls and linens as the neutrals, the patterned chairs and the soft grey curtains add that pop of color. One of my favorite rooms- and it’s like ten years old and still going strong! Design by Eleanor Cummings via Traditional Home.


neutral rooms dining room soft grey chairs wallpaper wainscoting charming spaceSoft grey chairs and all that blue and white chinoiserie add charm to an otherwise all-white room. Design by Carol Vaughan-Davis via Architectural Digest.


neutral rooms gorgeous living room french country style mirror fireplaceNeed I say more?! Design by Jane Moore via Veranda.


neutral rooms dining room stunning french country style farmhouse table blue armoireDesign by Meredith McBrearty via Traditional Home.


neutral rooms pop of grey blue breakfast room gorgeous french country style pendant lightingA definite favorite! Soft blue/grey pillows and walls make this breakfast room even prettier! Via Ashley Goforth Design.


neutral rooms pop of color breakfast room french country with blue and white china and flowersMost of the color in this room comes from the blue and white china in the cabinet, but it adds so much more to the space than if they had just used white dishes in there! By designer Annie Brahler via House Beautiful.


neutral rooms master bedroom with touches of gold and soft greens gold mirror and chandelier stunning windowsOne of my all-time favorite bedrooms, by Brooke Giannetti. She added interest with touches of gold and soft greens, but the white walls and white bedding definitely keep it in the “neutral rooms” category. Via Veranda.
Hope you have an inspiring weekend!

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  1. Sara,

    Thank you so much Sara! You are a constant source of inspiration to ME! And I am so touched by your support! So, SO glad you stopped by my friend!


  2. Oh I so agree! Isn't Pam Pierce the best?! I could move in today!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by – and for your sweet comments! I so appreciate your interest and support!


  3. All of these spaces are so spectacular, Sheila! I would add a shot of your beautiful home to the list too, though! You are a constant source of inspiration to me! ?

  4. Sheila,
    These rooms seem the perfect blend of mostly neutral with just the right amount of color. I love every single example in your post!
    Happy Friday.

  5. I love the Pam Pierce sitting room. It looks so inviting, I could flop in one of those sofas and sit there for hours! It manages to look warm and cosy whilst also looking effortlessly cool and refreshing, love this!