Best RH Style Dining Tables – for Less!

Do you love Restoration Hardware dining tables, but hate the prices? We found some great options that give the same farmhouse look for much LESS!

So I’ve been looking for a dining room table for what seems like forever now! Not looking everyday, all-the-time mind you, but looking here and there and shopping around – for at least two years! I’ve been looking on the internet, in catalogs, shops, and antique stores, as well as on sites such as Chairish and Ebay.

At first, it was a matter of simply looking, since I wasn’t sure what style I wanted, or even what color. However, now it’s become even more of a challenge, since I essentially want the Restoration Hardware Trestle Dining Table, but I don’t want to pay that price!

At $4000.00, that is quite a bit more than I’m willing to spend! So now I’ve been scouring the internet to see if I can come up with either a used RH table, or just a copy that will work.

Even I’m a little surprised that I’m choosing this particular table. For one, it’s everywhere! And also, it’s a pretty strong farmhouse look and I wasn’t sure I wanted to go there. However, after looking at what feels like literally hundreds of dining tables, it really started to grow on me. And this photo had a lot to do with that….

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restoration hardware table gorgeous dining room chandelier french doors

I love the way this dining table looks with dressier pieces around it. Design by Linda MacDougald.


This was another photo where a comparable table caught my eye. This isn’t the Restoration Hardware dining table, but it’s very similar and it’s combined with chairs that are very much like mine.


restoration hardware table gustavian french style dining room stunning chandelier armoire

Design by Meredith McBrearty via Traditional Home.


restoration hardware table white slipcovered chairs two china cabinets chandeliers gorgeous dining room

And I love this look, too, with the slipcovered chairs. Design by Kelly Deck.


See what I mean? It just seems to work! Regardless of the space, and no matter what it’s combined with, it holds its own.

One thing I love is that because it’s made from reclaimed wood, it feels more casual. I like the idea of toning down the dressiness of my dining room. I feel like the curtains and the chairs are already on the formal side, so combining them with a more distressed, farmhouse style dining table will create the balance I want in the room.


restoration hardware table get the look for less french country dining room


Here’s the actual Restoration Hardware dining table…

restoration hardware reclaimed wood trestle table distressed farmhouse style

Restoration Hardware Salvaged Wood Trestle Table from $3835


Okay, so even I was surprised by how many good options there are – at literally a fraction of the price! And since this is such a popular table, I thought I’d share with you what I’ve found. I’ve never been so excited to share great information!

I’ve been calling the RH outlet weekly for months, and the table doesn’t come in often. Or it comes in but it’s the bigger size. Or too damaged. And the price is still not as low as most of these!

RH Style Farmhouse Dining Tables - for Less graphic on Maison de Cinq

1. Benjara Reclaimed Wood Dining Table | 2. Kinston Pine Solid Wood Trestle Table  | 3. Petrey Solid Wood Trestle Table |4. Lyon Extending Dining Table | 5. Margr Extendable Trestle Dining Table | 6. Acquisition Solid Wood Dining Table | 7. Banks Extending Dining Table | 8. Archer Washed Oak Extension Dining Table  | 9. Kensington Dining Table | 10. Stratford Salvaged Wood Dining Table

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Shop more dining tables below!




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Best RH Style Farmhouse Dining Tables graphic on Maison de Cinq


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  1. In 2019 we bought an outdoor trestle wood dining table similar to this for around $500. It was a steal and has held up beautifully the past couple of years outside.

  2. Hello Sheila,

    I just discovered you through google, and I’m elated. You are a women after my own heart, love to find bargains, but will not compromise on style and quality. Love your style, very classy, but yet inviting and warm; was hoping you would have posted some ideas on round tables in that same style decor of rustic french. Looking for one for a small dinning area, planning on mixing chairs (total 4). Any assistance would be appreciated.

    1. Thanks so much Jasmine for your lovely comment – I so appreciate it!

      And I haven’t ever sourced or talked about round tables simply because neither of my dining areas call for one! If we move and ever need that I’m sure I will but in the meantime, I’ll try to add some options into the post for you and others that might want them!


  3. Diane McKeon says:

    The table in the resource list #1 Bradding table by Pier 1 fits the Bill for my narrow width dining space. However, they no longer have it in stock since closing there brick and mortar stores. Anyone know if they might bring it back online. I called the toll free number several times to inquire but can’t get a definitive answer.

  4. Maria Cardaci says:

    This Maria NY
    I love the entire room. can you please let me know the color paint in the dinning room also the color
    crown molding
    ThankYou so much

    1. Hi Maria and thank you so much! The crown molding and all the trim is Cloud White and the walls are Shaker Beige, both by Benjamin Moore. Hope that helps!


  5. I fell in love with this look 4 years ago from an Ethan Allen ad. I have a small space and while the length makes the room look larger, there is simply not enough space for the width of the tables on the market. I ended up with a custom table with the painted bottom and wood top. I ordered a rustic finished top but was disappointed in the way it was distressed. I would guess that they couldn’t bear to beat up the beautiful piece of wood that’s on top. Four years later the table looks as good as the day it was delivered. I’ve had no problems with rings or spots from hot dishes although I use a tablecloth for large family gatherings. It may be different in a house with kids but as time goes on I appreciate the beautiful finish more than ever. I also don’t fret about any dings or scratches because they fit right in with the amount of distressing that was done.

    1. Yes! I think it’s a classic look and will still be in style years from now! And I feel the same way about the width. Actually many of them are too long and too big for me since my dining room is fairly small. I ended up finding one that was a better size but it was to the trade only. I actually paid more for a smaller one, haha! Some of the larger ones are GREAT prices!! But I just couldn’t fit them!

      Yours sounds gorgeous and glad to hear your finish is holding up, too! Thanks for stopping by!


      1. Diane McKeon says:

        Sounds like you are a decorator if you are able to purchase “to the trade”. I have been desperately looking for this table with a narrower width footprint. Is it possible to order one through you? I would be happy to pay for your services.

        1. Hi Diane! Yes, I’ve done some decorating and have a resale number which is what allowed me to purchase a table that was to the trade but I’m not able to order for you due to tax laws, etc. Sorry about that! But you CAN contact the company where I bought mine and see where they are sold retail. Mine was from

          And I’m not sure about the Bradding table coming back but I would keep trying! That table was a great price and I have several friends who have it and love it!

    2. Diane McKeon says:

      If you are willing would you please post a photo of your custom made table. I have the same problem with everything being too wide for May space. I am considering having a table custom made with a white bottom and wood top. Thank you!

  6. Pat Asher says:

    I have the Restoration Hardware Table and I had a piece of glass cut for the top. It looks great and it protects the table.

    1. That’s a great idea Pat – thanks for sharing!


  7. Jamie L Bowden says:

    Thank you for the wonderful info! Many of the reviews on the various tables mention water rings- what do you recommend to treat the table with that won’t ruin the natural look of this style?

    1. Yes, I believe that is true. And I do have some water rings on my Elsie Green table already. Unfortunately, with a true untreated, natural wood table, it’s unavoidable.

      I think there are two ways of looking at it. One, you let it go and as the table ages, they do fade and the more patina there is, the less noticeable they are. I guess the more “authentically” farmhouse it looks! But if that’s not for you, then I would treat it with wax or even some kind of sealant. Just beware that the natural look will change some with that option. I’ve googled this before and there are several websites and bloggers that have done this and reported on it. I myself did not. So far I’m just going with the “aged” look! 😉

      Thanks for stopping by Jamie!


  8. Cecilia from Georgia says:

    I was on a quest for a RH style table and really got overwhelmed! I saw Nancy’s at Artsy Chicks Rule and knew that was what I could afford and liked. Reading blogs has become an enjoyable pastime for me and I have learned so much from how to clean a toilet to making a slipcover!! I found your blog on French Country Fridays! I like your sideboard/buffet/server — whatever it is called— I like it. Do you mind sharing where you found it? Your style is so appealing! Congratulations to you gals for a successful 1 year French Country Friday anniversary!

    1. Hi Cecilia and thank you for your kind words! My buffet in my dining room is from Wisteria. I’m not sure if they make it anymore but you could try searching.

      And I love that you love blogs! I feel the same way! I found my first blog probably 8 or 10 years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. It’s always fun to learn and be inspired – I’m so glad we could do that for you! I hope you’ll sign up for my emails, too!

      Thanks for stopping by!