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Well, it’s been a busy January here already, with my husband’s birthday happening, and of course, my many cleaning and organizing projects, haha! So far I’ve organized all the kitchen drawers (including adding labeled spice jars – be still my heart!), the coat closets, and we’re starting to get a handle on our garage which is our biggest problem/eyesore by far. A little more to go and it will actually be done!!

I’m planning on sharing more organizing posts this month as well as some posts covering design basics and decorating trends soon! But in the meantime, you can read all about decluttering in this post, and I share my top 5 organizing hacks here.

And now let’s talk Friday Favorites!

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Stumbled on this home and I love that it feels like a real home, rather than a ‘dream’ home. Not that I’m against being inspired by dream homes mind you, but sometimes it’s really nice to see a more moderate home that is decorated in such an intentional, beautiful way. How cute is this breakfast area? See the rest of the home here.

Lately I’ve been very focused on small things that bring beauty and/or make life easier – kind of a ‘home improvement’ of sorts, but in a simple way. The first thing? Replacing our dated and worn out doormat! It seems like such a small thing, but it really sets the tone for the whole house as the porch is the first space anyone sees.

I ordered this adorable windowpane jute one and I just love it! It gives a more European feel than the one that was here before, plus it comes in larger sizes which is hard to find. (It also comes in black windowpane here.)

Our drinking glasses are another thing I’ve been wanting to replace and I found these adorable ones on sale! Seriously, they could not be cuter. They make me so happy every time I look at them! 🙂

A couple more cute finds for the kitchen are this adorable French butter dish (20% off now) and this glass honey pot is one of my favorite things! I bought it awhile back and it really elevates tea time or charcuterie platters. 

As I mentioned above, I’m doing a little organizing as well, especially in the kitchen drawers. I wanted to change out my organizers as they were old plastic that had yellowed, so I’ve gone with bamboo for everything. So. Much. Better. I used two of these dividers for our silverware drawer + smaller utensils, these dividers for drawers that hold the larger utensils, and I cleared some things out and made room for a drawer knife block which I’ve always wanted. I love not having a big, bulky knife block on the counter! 

And this is a random find I had to share: I saw these gorgeous trays at my local PB and fell in love! They are absolutely stunning.

Last week’s best sellers were this faux olive topiary (20% extra off the sale price) and this gorgeous art print (love!)



I know many of us make getting into better shape or exercising more part of our goals for the new year, so I thought it the perfect time to talk active wear. Also I’m pretty sure it’s proven that if you feel like you look good, you’ll be more inspired to exercise! 😉

My absolute favorite pants are by Lulu Lemon. They are an investment, but I’ve found them to be so much better than the cheaper brands! Not only are they much more flattering (they hold everything in!), but they also last. I have 4 pairs I bought a decade ago and I’m still wearing them! They also come in lots of colors and different lengths. 

My favorite everyday jacket is also Lulu Lemon which again, I’ve had for years and it looks like new. And I just added this Primaloft jacket to my closet so I’d have something more insulated for days when the everyday jacket isn’t enough. It’s got a very chic look, plus it’s now almost half off! I also add a down vest on colder days. I much prefer it to a full puffer – it keeps my core warm without making me overheat when I’m outdoors walking or hiking.

When it comes to purchasing exercise wear, I feel I can get away with inexpensive tops much more so than bottoms so I spend much less on tops. I have quite a few of this one, but I also have lots from Target (above) and Old Navy and I find them to be just fine. 

One of my favorite things I’ve bought lately has to be this cute glass bottle with measured markings on the side. My doctor told me I need to be drinking more water and I had been struggling to hit the number he suggested. But now with this cute and practical bottle reminding me, I’m doing so much better!

Last week’s best sellers were my favorite straight jeans and this well-priced cashmere cardigan.



I’ve been a little low on shows lately so I decided to take a peek at British shows I haven’t seen. I find I usually love shows from across the pond so it’s a good way to find something new to watch.

I started Victoria last year but didn’t end up finishing it, so I’ve started watching it again and it’s so good! Derry Girls and Happy People are two more I’d like to try as I’ve heard people rave about both.



Ohhh it’s cold here – yes, even for Southern Cal! It’s been in the low 30s at night and the days are low 50s, plus a very chilly wind so I’m all about those cozy meals!

Last night we made our favorite Cream of Wild Mushroom Soup which is soo good. This weekend I’m going to try either this Skillet Pesto Chicken & Orzo or this Skillet Creamy Chicken & Gnocchi (above). Then I’ll curl up with a good book in front of the fire! 🙂



This new-to-me designer shares such great remodels and designs in her IG.

The Best Skincare Routine Order for Morning & Night – I loved reading this (turns out some of my order was wrong!)

12 Monthly Goals to Set this Year

The Mental Health Benefits of a Clean & Organized Home – for real!!

And if you missed it, this week we shared more than 25 Winter Decorating Tips for Bringing the Cozy Back into Your Home!

Happy Friday!



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