Friday Favorites – My Favorite Candle by Illume

I have to admit that I have a bit of an obsession when it comes to candles! I buy a lot of them, and not always successfully. Often I like the smell, but when I get it home, it doesn’t seem to really permeate or I can barely tell it’s burning. Or even worse, it’s overpowering enough to cause a headache! And since some of them are quite pricey, it can be frustrating (I’ve thrown quite a few in the trash, I can tell you that!)  

So today, I thought I’d share with you my favorite candle that I absolutely love! And one I can personally guarantee that it does indeed, scent your whole house.  It’s not too strong, and not too weak. And don’t let the adjective “sweet” in the description throw you. It’s actually not what I would call sweet, more warm, to my mind. And it’s not at all pricey. Favorite candle at a reasonable price? Doubly good, in my opinion!

Available at Anthropologie for $16 (a bargain in the world of candles!)


Then, the other day, I found this size!  $26 at Anthropologie. I tell you, I was giddy!  Since I burn this candle almost every day, I go through them fast. And, it looks great in my white kitchen. I’m a happy girl.

Now for this post I really wanted to introduce you to my favorite candle, but just so you know, this whole line of Illume candles is extremely popular. Other scents that I’ve tried and liked are Pumpkin Soufflé (my favorite pumpkin-scented candle ever!), Chai Latté, Espresso (love this one!), and Vanilla and Fig. All of theirs are amazing really!

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Happy Friday!


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