10+ Stunning Rustic French Farmhouse Coffee Tables

Looking for a French or European farmhouse style coffee table? Today we’re sharing 20 gorgeous rustic chic examples!

rustic european farmhouse coffee table in French country living room gorgeous neutral decorating ideas

Inspiring Home Tour: Gorgeous Rustic French Style Home 

I’ve been wanting to change my living room coffee table for awhile now. Not that it’s not lovely, it definitely is. But I bought it at a time when I thought I wanted to add more of a modern look to our rooms, and that isn’t the direction I’m going anymore.


French farmhouse living room mantel decor marble coffee table

With all of our rooms being mostly French or European farmhouse in style, the sleek, modern coffee table just sticks out like a sore thumb. On top of that, the white marble adds a lot more ‘white’ to an already neutral room with neutral furniture.

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how to choose a coffee table French farmhouse style living room

And it also feels dressier than I want at this stage. I need a little more ‘casual’ with the ‘chic’!

Instead, I’m finding myself gravitating more towards wood. A medium or washed wood that’s not too dark, but would add lots of warmth to the space. 

Here are a few images inspiring me:


living room with rustic coffee table

Via Jillian Harris.

As a result, I’ve been casually looking for a more rustic French farmhouse style coffee table for about a year now, and I’ve found several that are definitely in the running. Then I recently got an email from a reader saying she was looking for a French farmhouse style coffee table and did I have any suggestions, so I thought I’d share what I’ve found with you!

I figured if there are two of us looking, there are probably even more! 


gorgeous French inspired rustic coffee table in neutral living room

Design by Joanna Gaines via Fixer Upper.

When it comes to the tables I’m sharing, I’m using the term ‘French’ or ‘European’ loosely, and these tables definitely skew more toward the ‘farmhouse’ side of French. Most are wood and have a casual but chic look, but a few are more rustic and I’ve also included some upholstered ottomans (a look I love!)


gorgeous French farmhouse living room with gold mirror over mantel wood coffee table and neutral decor

Via Jenny Martin Design.

Likewise, they are at every price point. Some are more of an investment, but most are under $1000, and there are even a few under $500!


Wondering what size coffee table you need?

rustic european farmhouse coffee table barley twist legs in beautiful family room decorating ideas

Before you purchase a new coffee table, it’s important to get the sizing right.

In general, a coffee table should be at about the same height or slightly lower than your sofa. In our family room above, our sofas are 20″ high, and the coffee table is 18″ high. Anything too far off will feel difficult to use for setting down a drink, or kicking your feet up!

And as for length, the ideal length of a coffee table is about 2/3 the length of whatever sofa it sits in front of. You can go slightly smaller, but never less than half the length of the sofa. You also want to allow 12″ – 18″ space between the sofa and the coffee table. Making sure that people can walk through, while also not having it so far away that it’s difficult to reach.


French Farmhouse Style Coffee Tables 

All of these would be gorgeous in any French farmhouse or French country space. I know there are several here that I’m considering!

Gorgeous Rustic French Farmhouse Coffee Tables graphic on Maison de Cinq

1. Sarabeth French Country Wood Coffee Table
2. Andrews White Wash Coffee Table 
3. Arles Limed Grey Coffee Table
4. Francois Solid Wood Coffee Table
5. Alexandra Round Marble Coffee Table
6. Juliet French Country Lift Top Tiered Coffee Table
7. Lorraine Rectangular Coffee Table
8. Bander Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table 
9. Everett Weathered Natural Wood Coffee Table
10. Francesca French Country Coffee Table 


And even more gorgeous French farmhouse coffee table options below!


The truth is, once the table has been changed out I know it will transform the entire space and I’ll be wondering why I didn’t do it sooner!


10+ Gorgeous Rustic French Farmhouse Coffee Tables

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  1. Who is the manufacturer of the existing coffee table? I love it as well. Thanks

    1. Hi that was from Wisteria but I’m not sure if they still carry it!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Stephanie McPherson says:

    I actually LOVE the existing coffee table. It adds a bit of glam to the space. It simple, sleek. I would love to buy it off you! But, I live in Canada!

    1. haha thank you Stephanie! I would love to sell it to you if we could!

      Thanks for stopping by!