Hottest Decorating Trends for 2022

Curious about what will be big in design for the coming year? Today we’re sharing the 8 hottest decorating trends for 2022!

Though I’ve never been one to decorate only according to trends or to change my decorating style to fit those, I do love to find out what the experts are predicting will be the big design trends coming our way. And, it’s fun to see which of those trends will end up having staying power and become something we see everywhere! 

It’s also a chance to add a few items or a color I might not have chosen on my own. Because I love design, run a decorating blog and shop a lot, I am influenced by what’s out there to some degree. We all are.

For instance, sometimes I’ll dislike something when it first comes out (ie; brass hardware), only to end up falling in love with it a year or two later! The best trends do that. They open our eyes to ideas and styles we might not have explored. This is true in fashion as well as in design. 

So after researching and reading a lot on this topic, I’m sharing 8 of the hottest decorating trends for 2022. These are the trends I think are here to stay (at least for awhile πŸ˜‰ ) and that resonated with me the most. 


1. Browns and Earth Tones

warm earth tones decorating trend in gorgeous living room

Design by Amber Interiors.

We’ve had over a decade of lots of grey, and the pendulum is starting to swing the other way. Now earth-toned colors are making a big comeback. Warmer color palettes, pops of brown, and warm wood furniture are popular. Even neutrals are getting warmer with creamier beiges replacing crisp, stark whites. And I must say, I’m ready for it!

I haven’t used much brown in my decor for quite some time, but just recently I added some wood antique vessels as well as brown velvet pillows this past fall. The warmth it adds is so lovely! 


2. Traditional Touches and Antique Accents

beautiful traditional style dining room with wallpaper and French chairs

Design by Bria Hammel via Decorpad.

People are incorporating more traditional design elements, but in a modern way. Pattern mixing, skirted furniture, and more vintage and antique pieces all speak to a more traditional way of decorating. Think English roll arm sofas, wingbacks and pieces with more detail and history. 

Another part of this trend? A return to details like fringe and floral patterns (which seem to have gone by the wayside for awhile now). Personally, I love beautiful floral linens and antique furniture, so this is one trend I can get behind!


3. Curved Furniture 

curved furniture decorating trend in pretty living room with velvet couchDesign by Studio McGee.

Curved furniture has been gaining popularity for a couple of years, and now it’s a full-blown trend. From curved sofas and tables, to arches being incorporated in architecture, expect to see much more of this trend. 


curved cabinet decorating trends

One item I absolutely adore? This curved glass door cabinet! And lest you think “curved furniture” means mod u-shaped couches, take a peek at all of the ‘curved’ items at Ballard Designs – lots of gorgeous options that are traditional/transitional in style and very versatile.


4. Nature Inspired

nature inspired decorating decorating trends for 2022

Design by Brooke Giannetti.

This trend is another one that’s been growing for a couple of years and is now fully entrenched. ‘Nature Inspired’ is everything from the increase in the popularity of house plants to earthier materials being used in building.

After two years spent mostly indoors, we’re all seeking to strengthen our connection with nature. This has inspired a resurgence in natural surfaces and materials – think stoneware, terracotta, travertine, and raw wood being used for everything from backsplashes to furniture and decorative objects.

As a person who’s always loved natural materials and shied away from synthetics, this makes my heart happy! 


5. Wallpaper

gorgeous French inspired bathroom with floral wallpaper

Via Schumacher

I’m sure you’ve already seen the increasing popularity of wallpaper, and it seems here to stay. The use of wallpaper is soaring, with grasscloth being the most popular it’s been since it’s heydey in the 1970s.

One thing that’s new? Wallpaper is getting bolder and more playful. 


6. Outdoor Rooms

gorgeous outdoor living area with sofas and fireplace

Via Luxe Interiors & Design.

An extension of the ‘Nature’ trend is the tendency to place an increasing importance on our outdoor living spaces. Whether big or small, people want to make their patios, balconies and porches an extension of their home.

More comfortable furniture (some of it looks like indoor furniture now, have you noticed?) and outdoor lamps and rugs are growing in popularity. 


decorating trends cozy outdoor living space

I actually added an outdoor rug last spring and to be honest, I couldn’t believe the difference it made! I always felt they weren’t necessary but once I had one, it made such a difference. Our patio immediately felt more cozy and cohesive, and I love that it also feels at least a little bit cleaner under your feet!


7. Texture Everywhere!

decorating trend nature inspired rooms with texture living room with ceiling beams

Design by Lauren Leiss.

Another trend I love is the increasing presence of texture. If you’ve been a reader for awhile then you know how important I think texture is to a space (you can read my post all about texture here).

Now it’s being incorporated through accessories like pillows and linens in velvet and mohair (with fringe!) and natural rugs like jute and seagrass. And as I mentioned above, there’s been a return to the use of more natural materials like rough stone, raw wood and brick. 

One of my favorite texture trends? The increased use of Venetian plaster, limewash and other wall treatments that add amazing texture to walls. It makes them so much more interesting than my builder’s grade sheetrock walls!


8. The Color Green 

I saved the best trend for last, haha! I’ve always loved green, even when it wasn’t ‘on trend.’  And believe me, if a color isn’t on trend it’s pretty hard to find. However, all of the predictions of the return of green have finally come true this year. 

I’m sure some of this is due to the fact that it is the Color of the Year for several paint companies. But I also think it’s part of both the ‘Earth Tones’ trend as well as the ‘Return to Nature’ trend, as green incorporates both of those elements. 


green paint color of the year Evergreen Fog Sherwin Williams decorating trends

Sherwin-Williams settled on a soft sage, their Color of the Year is Evergreen Fog.


Benjamin Moore October Mist green paint color of the year decorating trends

Benjamin Moore picked a soft gray-green called October Mist.


Behr Breezeway green paint color of the year

Behr went with a soft blue-green called Breezeway.


Valspar Blanched Thyme green paint color of the year

And Valspar chose a bright olive green, Blanched Thyme.


As I always say, the more collected your house feels the more timeless it will be. Using different styles and even different color woods helps to keep your house from feeling dated because it won’t feel of a specific decade. And when you mix styles and colors you give yourself the flexibility to try new trends without throwing off the whole room. 

For me, I’m most interested in adding more organic elements (like the rustic vases and bowls I’ve talked about lately), more texture (like baskets and Turkish rugs), and more of my favorite color, green.

And wallpaper! I’ve been toying with the idea of adding it to our powder room for over a year, maybe this will be the year that I do it?


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What do you think? Would you add any of the decorating trends for 2022 to your home?




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  1. Paula Courtney says:

    It’s funny how trends sway us. A couple of years ago I painted my lower cabinets in a beautiful shade of sage green. My sister told me green was out but I went with my gut and loved it. Guess I was ahead of the trend. Funny thing about trends though, I had a wallpaper border in my powder room years ago that was a beast to take down. I swore I’d never have wallpaper in my house again. I’ve been captivated after seeing all the new, bold, wallpaper florals and ordered 2 samples in sage green and mustard tan tones a couple of weeks ago. I’m still debating but will probably pull the trigger soon.

    1. You WERE ahead of the trends Paula! And I feel your pain on the wallpaper. This house had it in about every room and it was horrible to get removed. But I think a smaller spot isn’t as big of a deal as it was then – they always seemed to paper the entire room, haha! Good luck with it!!


  2. Always loved green and brown. Been using for sometime, guess I have been ahead of the trend.

  3. Kathy Furtado says:

    I love all these!!! Am thinking of painting the family room that SW green!!!

  4. Jo Ann Broquie says:

    Super inspiring post! I will be incorporating some of these beautiful ideas into our home as we get closer to the end of the building.

    1. I’m so glad you liked it Jo Ann – thank you so much!


  5. Ellen Shook says:

    For me these trends never went anywhere, because this is my style. I have personally not cared at all for the Farmhouse and grey/white looks, since I did all that many years ago! I find that the Classics never go out of style, and even if they did, I would still gravitate toward them, as in the last ten to twelve years. It is a much better investment that big box store furniture which usually winds up in a landfill anyway.

    This is a great post!

    1. Aww I love hearing that Ellen! So glad you enjoyed it! And yes, I agree. One of the trends which I didn’t even really touch on is a turning away from ‘fast furniture’ which is in line with what you said. I think adding some pillows in a new color or just tweaking your look with a few accessories (which I recently did) is all you need to freshen up. All while using quality, timeless pieces as the framework!


  6. I am so so happy to keep reading about these new trends! It’s how I’ve been trying to update and it’s been almost impossible to find anything in the retail market that I like. I’ve been around for a long time and it’s so fun to see some of my favorites coming back!

    1. Yay love hearing that Karen! And I agree, florals, green, antiques – I couldn’t be happier that they’re having a comeback!


  7. Linda Kasten says:

    I love the idea of outdoor living space, but the way our patio (half-covered) sits here in the Houston area with all the rain we get, it seems counterproductive to have a rug. Do you worry about your outdoor space always getting wet? Any suggestions on how to incorporate outdoor space in rainy climates without having to roll up a rug or remove cushions all the time is welcome! And I’ve always liked green. Our previous historical home centered around greens, a color I don’t think people ever get tired of since it is one of nature’s common colors.

    1. Hi Linda and that is a great question. Previously, I didn’t remove my cushions as often as I should have and they started to mildew. But I recently replaced them with special, fast-drying cushions and it’s made a world of difference. Mine are here if you want to check them out:
      And of course, I don’t get a ton of rain in California (not enough!) so my rug does pretty well, though I do ‘fold’ it back so it’s completely under the patio when it’s raining. I think you either need to have a full cover or do what I do and pull everything under when it’s really pouring!

      Hope that helps!


  8. Great post, Shelia! I’m not really one to jump on the trends in big and expensive ways. My house is pretty neutral, but I do like to add some of these trends in small ways like pillows, vases, and with color in simple ways. I’m with you on the wallpaper. I’ve been thinking about wallpapering an inset wall behind our bed for over a year! The samples come out and lean against the wall for awhile, then the samples go back in the drawer for awhile.πŸ˜‚ I love the antique vessels, added texture, and living greenery.
    I’ m not loving the “busy- ness” of Ballard’s rooms lately, but that is just me. It reminds me of all the floral curtains I had in the 90s. I’ll stick to it in napkins or pillows, I think. Those outside rooms are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. This gets me excited to plan for a spring refresh!

    1. JC you sound exactly like me! Wallpaper swatches sitting out, then put away. Until they’re out again, haha! So glad you enjoyed the post – and I totally agree. Adding a few touches of trends without going overboard helps keep our spaces up to date. Thanks for stopping by!


  9. Thanks for sifting these down for us Sheila – it’s fun to see what’s popular these days! I love your examples too. I’m always happy when what I like comes into style! πŸ™‚ Hope you’re having a lovely February!

    1. You’re welcome Barbara! So glad you enjoyed the post.